• We offer you a wide selection of different brands and categories under one umbrella, be it home accessories, gifting, toys & stationery, novelties, in addition to baby & child products.
  • We offer more than 3000 SKUS at your fingertips. Some we stock. Some you can order direct custom made for you.
  • We provide you with payment terms (Subject to pre-approvals once we ).
  • We deliver to the entire Middle East and GCC regions door to door. We handle all the clearance headache and supply chain for you.
  • We support with quick deliveries by air shipments to make sure you have your products on time.
  • We provide great margins for bulk orders.
  • We only represent well-known brands from US and Europe. We are known to carry unique products at competitive prices.
  • We provide you with after sales customer service and help you with merchandizing, displays, damaged goods, offers and more…
  • We help you with selecting best sellers, suggesting orders and catering all your needs to make successful sales.
  • All our products are safe and we provide all kind of international testing & safety reports and more.


Since 2013, we have followed few golden rules that proved to be effective and durable:

  • Acquire the latest products through establishing strong partnerships with international world class vendors and suppliers.
  • Identify a product that is needed that is either not available or demand unfulfilled.
  • Recruit capable individuals, and make sure they are equipped with the most moderns kills and techniques.
  • Install rigorous quality and control regime.


If you wish to access our catalogues and wholesale prices, just sign up here, drop your requests and we will get back to you immediately.
We currently cover over 30 brands and around 20,000 products. Here you will find everything you might need for your business.

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We are young, we are fun, and we like everything to be Funky!

This is why we made it our mission to deliver an unparalleled level of service, support and fast-paced deliveries to our retailers which has positioned us as a market leader in the region and a favorite source of consumer needs.
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